Node.js Live

The Node.js Foundation is kicking off a series of global events bringing together local Node.js developers around the world.

Each event is different and tailored to the local community, varying in length and in some cases in partnership with local Node.js groups and users.


June 22, 2016

  • Location Old Crow Smokehouse
  • Address River North, 149 W Kinzie Street, Chicago, IL 60657

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Time Speaker Topic
6pm Reception Weclome everyone!
7pm Mikeal Rogers Node.js Everywhere
7:20pm Peter Piekarczyk The Future of High Performance Node - Tips, Tricks & Techniques
7:40pm Luc Renambot SAGE2: Local and distributed collaboration on large displays
8:00pm Dan Shaw The Node.js Ecosystem in Perspective

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Mikeal Rogers

Mikeal is the Community Manager of the Node.js Foundation and the creator of request and NodeConf.

His talk will be all about what the Foundation has been up to recently and its plans for the rest of 2016.

Peter Piekarczyk

Peter Piekarczyk is a Chicago-based Javascript consultant helping both individuals and companies build incredibly fast, maintainable applications.

Dan Shaw

Dan Shaw (dshaw) is Co-Founder and CTO of NodeSource, the Enterprise Node Company, and is dedicated to helping improve and grow the Node Community. He is a veteran of numerous Node.js startups including Voxer, Spreecast and Storify. Dan has extensive experience building large-scale, realtime systems with Node.js and has been building production services using Node since v0.2. Dan is a frequent speaker, host of the NodeUp podcast and organizer of events like EnterpriseJS and the SFNode meetup. Prior to Node, Dan worked in large-scale government contracts for Defense, Health Care and Education.

Node.js was created 7 years ago by Ryan Dahl to increase the performance of web application development. Many novel choices were made along the way. Node.js ships with "batteries included". Node.js was built with a very liberal license. Node.js has no standard library and encourages userland experimentation. Node.js chose to standardize on a single package management solution with npm. Node.js is fully cross-platform. Node.js applications run everywhere (take that Java!). All of this comes together to create an extraordinary ecosystem.

Dan Shaw will explore the implications of these decisions and how they have impacted the Node.js Ecosystem. 7 years on, Node.js is everywhere with a massive user base and the largest package registry ever. And yet, there's still so much to do.

Luc Renambot

Luc Renambot is a Research Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His research at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory focuses on interaction and collaboration using advanced visualization displays and high-speed networking.

SAGE2 is a Node.js and browser-based environment that creates a seamless ultra-high resolution desktop across display wall (one to many displays). Users can wirelessly connect to the wall to interact with the system, transfer documents, manipulate applications and share their screen. Data visualization applications can be created quickly using 3rd party library such as D3.js, Snap, Vega, WebGL, and be integrated into the SAGE2 API. We will present our experience using Nodejs for this academic research environment.

Code of Conduct

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